Max 12m one diver  |  Max 6m two divers  |  55+ minutes

Max 12m one diver  |  Max 6m two divers

55+ minutes

Do not dive without a proper dive training! 
Diving can be dangerous.

Do not dive without a proper dive training!

Safety first

You breathe compressed air when diving with AirBuddy. You must therefore learn the diving theory, understand the risks and develop safety skills, e.g. to never hold your breath! Unless you dive more than twice in a row (or have accumulated some nitrogen from previous diving), you are within the no decompression limit (NDL). With shallow water diving, you are seconds away from the surface. For example, an ascent from 6m (20ft) takes about 20sec and from 12m (40ft) about 40sec at the maximum ascent rates recommended by PADI. Avoid diving down and ascending frequently. Do not fly after diving. Please, dive responsibly, know your limits and never dive to a depth you don’t feel comfortable ascending from in case of an emergency. In an unlikely event of an emergency, you can use 2 backup systems before needing to perform CESA (controlled emergency swimming ascent):

  1. Use 16L compressed emergency air contained in the air reservoir, which provides about 4-5 breaths at 12m depth to about 12-15 breaths when close to surface.
  2. Use 100% redundant egressor/ pony bottle – size of your choice (purchased separately).
  3. CESA – Swim towards the surface while slowly breathing out (making the “Aaaaaah” sound).

Although AirBuddy provides various safety features, YOU are the ultimate guardian of your own safety. Please dive responsibly!

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