Determine your best approach

We offer multiple service options based on your preference in terms of time, costs, and convenience. The complexity of the issue, proximity to the service point (our factory or a dealer) as well as your skill level determine your best approach.

AirBuddy has modular design. You can order and easily swap most parts (sub-assemblies), which often is the fastest and most economical option for you.

Of course, you are always welcome to return any part of AirBuddy to us for inspection, maintenance, and repair. But do consider the shipping time and costs to weigh your options. In some cases, you could be better off to order and swap the whole sub-assembly instead of a return and repair.

You would not typically return and repair the lid, float, hose, harness, or flag for economic reasons. There is very little to repair on the battery or charger. Besides, damaged batteries are illegal to ship. It does however make economic sense in many cases to return the main compressor unit in a relatively small, 5kg (11 lbs) package.

Check the “troubleshooting” chapter in your user manual and read the FAQs on our website. If you don’t find the solution, use the service request form to get in touch with detailed description and upload pictures/ video of the problem. We’ll help to analyse the issue and propose solutions.

I. Easy-to-swap parts

Visit our spare parts shop if any component of your AirBuddy gets damaged, worn or lost. We offer a wide variety of individual parts or whole sub-assemblies.

Many AirBuddy parts can be replaced without any tools. You can be back under water in just few days after the order! Should swapping the whole sub-assembly be inappropriate or too expensive, see the repair options.

II. Guided self-repair or return

It could just be some minor issue, such as a stuck air coupler due to limescale build-up or oxidised connector. Minor issues can often be fixed by the user with some basic tools following our instruction videos.

A major issue, such as severe water damage to the compressor or failure of any critical part is best to be attended by the AirBuddy team who has in-depth knowledge, experience and access to specialised tools and measuring equipment.

A: Guided self-repair

We will share more details about the repair procedure and tools required in an instruction video or a call.

If you don’t feel confident enough to perform the repair, you can always decide for the Option B.

If you don’t see all required parts listed on our website, please do get in touch. Our factory normally stocks over 200 individual components.

To get a rough idea about the price of your repair, see the table below for some of the typically used parts.

Platform with electronicsUS$ 94.00
Air coupler (incl. gasket)US$ 13.00
Pressure gauge (incl. gasket)US$ 8.50
Pressure gauge protectorUS$ 1.50
J-hose (incl. O-ring)US$ 13.00
Battery wires (incl. splice)US$ 7.00
Lid latchUS$ 4.00
Regulator silicone mouthpieceUS$ 7.00
Regulator necklaceUS$ 4.00
Flag capUS$ 4.00
Shipping small parts (US, EU, Asia)US$ ~35.00

B: Return to AirBuddy for repair

Please pack the unit in a minimum size box (or just 2-3 layers of bubble wrap) and ship by economy service (such as USPS) to save shipping costs.

Label the box “RETURN FOR REPAIR” and declare value of the contents and shipping well below AUD 1000 to avoid customs clearance in Australia.

For a rough idea, see the price list of key components and labour in the table below.

We will quote the repair after we receive your AirBuddy and assess the damage. Once approved, we fix your AirBuddy, clean and thoroughly test including a simulated dive with our “robodiver”.

Compressor motorUS$ 161.00
Compressor cylinderUS$ 7.00
Compressor valve capUS$ 16.00
Compressor head tubeUS$ 14.00
Platform with electronicsUS$ 94.00
Workshop consumablesUS$ 4.00
O-rings, gasketsUS$ 4.00
Disassembly / assemblyUS$ ~40.00
Cleaning (incl. ultrasonic cleaning)US$ ~25.00
Testing (incl. simulated dive)US$ ~30.00
Shipping main unit (US, EU, Asia)US$ ~70.00
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