Timeline Stories

Global market development

Another critical milestone for AirBuddy was the acquisition of the airbuddy.com web domain and complete redesign of our website, improving every aspect of it, including a product configurator, acceptance of payments in 10 currencies, addition of new accessories and parts, live chat support, multi- language, etc. And the journey continues... ‌

Award winner (x2)

We were proud and honored for the recognition of our hard work by two prestige design awards: 1) Good Design Award - Gold Winner 2) A' Design Award - Bronze Winner The same year, we also managed to implement several product improvements (incl. longer dive time) and increase efficiency of our production. ‌

Online shop launch

Launching an online shop for a product that is typically associated with leisure and travel about one month before the Covid outbreak wasn't the ideal timing that we wished for. Our first year on the market in normal modus operandi (after crowdfunding) can certainly be regarded as "baptism by fire". Luckily, we managed to keep the momentum and even grow...

First shipments

As we were getting closer to the shipping start, we quickly realised the challenges of global DG (Dangerous Goods) distribution which is required for lithium batteries. Our packaging had to pass laboratory testing, we had to get DG trained and receive HQ-level approvals to open specialised (rare) shipping accounts with DHL and FedEx. Nevertheless, before the end of the year,...

Building the factory

As they say: "Prototypes are easy, production is hard." Traveling around the world, vetting factories, completing DFM, commissioning tooling, partnering with suppliers and logistics companies, finding premises, building our own production line (with many custom-made tools, jigs and testing equipment), defining assembly procedures, hiring and training staff, passing certifications ... and the list continues. It was one extremely long year. ‌


AirBuddy could never get off the ground without raising funds for the capital-intensive production start. Raising over 1 million A$ from a successful crowdfunding campaign (on Kickstarter and Indiegogo), multiple government grants, a private investment, prize money from won business competitions, combined with our own savings, gave AirBuddy the "green light" to continue. A huge success, but also a giant...


After months studying diving physics and human respiration, we defined the core functional and safety requirements, performed various calculations, drafted the basic design and began sourcing key components. The first prototype from early 2014 followed another 9 generations of prototypes over the next 3.5 years as we performed countless tests and gathered more experience. Once a hobby project turned into...

Idea born

Jan moves to a Sydney beach and is looking for a solution how to dive on weekends without having to spend hours organising air tanks and finding parking close to the dive site. His strong passion for diving combined with disappointment with the available hookah systems on the market leads him to the idea of developing the world's most portable,...

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