Are you an influencer on YouTube or Instagram? Do you produce hi-quality content focused on diving, sailing, lobstering, or underwater treasure hunting? Please get in touch to discuss the opportunity to become our product ambassador (affiliate) or perhaps just work together on one-off productions.

This option is best suited for established social media influencers with:

  • 50.000+ strong YouTube subscribers/ Instagram followers
  • primary channel focus on one of the relevant segments (recreational diving, sailing/ yachting, lobstering, treasure hunting, …)
  • interest in using AirBuddy over long term for their content production
  • dive training and thorough understanding of diving theory
  • Feature AirBuddy in your videos/ photos on your channel.
  • Earn up to 100% discount based on agreed targets.
  • Earn 7% commission on sales originated from your affiliate link.
  • Positively represent the brand and generate awareness.
  • Respond to enquiries from viewers.
  • Let us share your AirBuddy content to help grow your own following.

1. Introduce your channel/ page using the form below.
2. Outline your plans creating content with AirBuddy.
3. Agree duties, targets, rewards, commission.
4. Review and sign a contract.
5. Receive an affiliate link and start claiming commission.

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