Air coupler for float

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Replace the float couplers if the original ones deteriorate (and can no longer be just cleaned), for example due to salt and limescale build-up, penetration of sand or oxidation that may compromise the seal or impede proper latching of the mechanism. All air couplers used on AirBuddy are custom-manufactured in Germany according to strict criteria for breathing air. Key features:

  • Hi-quality nickel plated brass and stainless steel.
  • Meets breathing air specifications.
  • G 1/4″ male thread.
  • Rubber gasket.

You’ll need a narrow 22mm spanner, 14mm bottle brush and Loctite SI 5331 thread locker to replace the air couplers. Please follow the instructions in the tutorial video 3-04 or the tutorial video 3-05.

Note: This listing includes one float coupler with a gasket. The AirBuddy float is shown on the picture just for demonstration.

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