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Recharge AirBuddy on the go from a 12-24 Volt DC source. Our travel charger plugs into the “cigarette lighter” socket found in most cars and boats.

  • Input 12-24 VDC, 90W.
  • Output 14.6 VDC, 5A.
  • CCCV charging cycle for LiFePO4 batteries.
  • CE, FCC marks.

Recharge the AirBuddy battery from DC on your boat or in your car in about 5 ~ 5.5h, provided that the DC source on your boat/car can supply 90 Watts of power – e.g. 7.5A @ 12 VDC or 3.8A @ 24 VDC.

Important: This 5A charger comes with yellow XT-60 charging connector. The charger is NOT backwards compatible with the older batteries sold until June 2023 that were equipped with the black & red Anderson PP-15 charging connector and allowed charging with up to 4A current. A modification and re-certification of the batteries was necessary in order to accept the faster charging. Do not attempt to charge the older batteries that came with 4A charger with this new 5A charger.

Note: This listing includes only the charger. Battery is shown on the picture just for demonstration.

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