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There are several ways to approach the repair of your AirBuddy. Choose your best option in terms of costs, time and repair quality based on your skills, budget and proximity to our factory:

  1. Return damaged AirBuddy unit to us for a professional repair and testing.
  2. Order parts and do the repair yourself if you have good mechanical skills and required tools.
  3. Order the whole sub-assembly and replace with basic tools and minimal skills.

To replace the compressor unit sub-assembly, you’ll need basic mechanical skills, a Torx T-15 screwdriver, seam-ripper (or sharp cuticle scissors) and a hot air gun (or lighter). Remove and re-install the old platform with electronics, grommet and magnetic on/off wristband following the instructions in the tutorial video 3-09 in about 5-7 minutes. This compressor unit sub-assembly includes:

  • Housing, incl. holder (for the magnetic on/off wristband).
  • Compressor, incl. piston, cylinder and breather.
  • Compressor valve plate, incl. O-rings.
  • Compressor head, manifold, gaskets, O-rings and screws.
  • Heatsink, incl. O-rings and heat paste.
  • Pressure relief valve.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Safety air coupler.
  • Two sets of heat shrink tubes.

Important: The housing of this compressor unit comes with re-designed attachment points for the improved lid locking mechanism that uses two toggle latches instead of the previous clips. If you have an older version of AirBuddy (purchased before December 2022), please contact us at with the serial number of your AirBuddy and we will include the new toggle latches for you to replace on your existing lid with a Torx-15 screwdriver.

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