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Order a spare AirBuddy hookah regulator and replace in case it gets damaged. Keep one for peace of mind on your long trips in remote areas or ocean crossings with limited access to service centres. Our custom-designed, downstream demand valve hookah diving regulator is tuned to the 30-38psi operating pressure of AirBuddy. It features:

  • Robust, reliable and light-weight construction.
  • Smooth and easy breathing performance.
  • Soft silicone mouthpiece to reduce jaw fatigue and enhance your comfort.
  • Deflector lever to adjust the Venturi effect to reduce the risk of free flow and to prevent water splash if you dive in an inverted position (e.g. hull cleaning).
  • Low profile exhaust port.

The AirBuddy regulator uses a standard 9/16″UNF thread (same as most second stage SCUBA regulators). You’ll need a 17mm spanner to attach the AirBuddy regulator to the AirBuddy regulator hose. Please follow the instructions in the tutorial video 3-03.

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