Single diver hose

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Use the single diver air hose if you wish to dive with AirBuddy up to 12m/ 40ft deep. Designed specifically for hookah diving, the AirBuddy divers’ hose features:

  • Recoiled air hose stays organised and keeps the hookah compressor unit floating at a closer perimeter to the diver than a straight hose for improved position control.
  • Coils act like a suspension to eliminate any tugging caused by swell or your swimming.
  • Made of abrasion, collapse and kink resistant, FDA-compliant thermal polyurethane suitable for breathing air. ROHS compliant.
  • Resistant to UV, hydrolysis and microbial attack.
  • Tested to 300 psi burst pressure, i.e. 7.5x higher than the maximum operating pressure of AirBuddy.
  • Self-organising design that makes the hose comfortable to pack and transport.
  • Includes a non-return valve, active carbon filter, hose protectors and rinse caps.
  • Hard-anodised (marine grade), light-weight aluminium fittings.

The hose can be replaced by hand. No tools are required.

Note: This listing includes only the hose. AirBuddy is shown on the picture just for demonstration.

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