Unfortunately, no. Our shipping options are limited to where FedEx, DHL or CouriersPlease can deliver DG (Dangerous Goods), which is required for the transport of batteries. They don’t have the DG capability at every location. Consequently, the only countries where we can ship batteries are the ones listed on our website at “Shipping

There may also be restrictions to deliver Dangerous Goods (battery -ies) to remote areas, outlying territories and most islands without road connection to the mainland. Furthermore, DG can’t be shipped to P.O. Boxes or APO/FPO address.

Shipping is calculated automatically during the checkout based on your location, the size and weight of your order. Please place the required items into the shopping cart and initiate the checkout to calculate the shipping.

Lithium batteries over certain capacity are classified as Dangerous Goods (DG) and must be shipped by a special service. Such shipments involve DG declaration, strict labelling requirements, use of laboratory tested packaging to the UN specification, and most importantly, special handling at each touchpoint (driver, hub, airport, airplane, etc.) by properly trained staff.

Some of the shipments must be shipped by cargo planes (as opposed to bellyhold of passenger planes), such as when you purchase spare battery (-ies) with your new AirBuddy or a stand-alone spare battery (-ies) later.

There is a fixed surcharge per shipment which increases the shipping costs. The DG surcharge is however charged only once per shipment, not per box. So, if you order multiple AirBuddies (or multiple batteries) at once, you only pay the surcharge once.

We don’t have a distributor in the US, at the moment. We ship directly from our factory in Sydney, Australia by FedEx IP or DHL Express, which usually takes about 5 – 10 days (see “Shipping” for more details).

Note: Individual imports of goods under $2500 to USA, so called “informal entry”, shall not attract any tax or duty.

The customs charges (VAT and duty) vary from country to country. The customs legislation tends to be quite complex. Every country (or even state) has different tax rates, free trade agreements, schedules, exceptions, etc. You can use websites such as Simply Duty to estimate the tax and duty charges. We use the HS code 9506.29 – “Water-skis, surf boards, and other water sport equipment (o/than sailboards) and parts & accessories thereof nesoi”. Please speak to the customs office or a customs broker in your country if you need further assistance.

In practice, the courier companies (FedEx or DHL) or their partners will lodge the customs clearance on your behalf. They will contact you if they require any further information and/or to facilitate your payment of the customs charges. Please make sure that you will be available on the phone number and email address provided during the checkout and react swiftly.

Note: Individual imports of goods to USA under $2500, so called “informal entry”, shall not attract any tax or duty.

No. False declaration of the value for the purpose of tax avoidance is illegal. And it wouldn’t work. Customs officers often look up the product price advertised on the internet and may request further evidence, such as a remittance confirmation from the bank, original order confirmation, a statutory declaration, etc.

The shipping companies often limit their liability according to the Warsaw or Montreal Conventions and provide limited compensation in case of a damaged, lost or stolen parcel (around $10 – $30 per kg). They provide optional shipping insurance that costs approximately 3% of the order value. To learn more, click the link to read the carriage terms and conditions for DHL ExpressFedEx and CouriersPlease. If you wish to purchase optional shipping insurance, please contact us by email before you order or leave a comment during the checkout and we will quote the costs.

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